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Hey guys! Welcome and thank you for visiting the new site!

I am currently still in the process of tidying everything up but I wanted to at least open the door for you to see what's coming and what will be available once the site is fully operational. Consider this a kinda of, "soft opening." Lmao

Things you'll currently be able to find on the site:

- A page dedicated to the clients I currently work with, clients I see once or twice a year for a refresh on content and portraits, and a list of past clients I loved working with. (Coming Soon)

- A portfolio comprised of mostly "old work." I am currently cataloging YEARS worth of photos and videos so that I can choose which ones to show case from then and now.

- A light list of the types of services I will be offering this year and going forward.

- The Shop is coming soon!



- Unfortunately, if you are here to find out how to inquire about weddings, I no longer offer wedding services. =( BUT. I am making a page dedicated to the incredible weddings vendors I recommend including photographers, videographers,  DJ's, planners, and venues!


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