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OoOohh do I love a good creative portrait session! In these sessions you will get 2 hours to make your portrait dreams come true. These sessions are limited, so throw an idea at me that will stand out amongst the other inquiries!

Starts at $400.00


This package differs from the event photo/video package because I will cater specifically to social media styles of shooting and I will give my advice for strategizing how to use the content i'm providing. This includes more vertical videos and photos and shorter pieces of content for multi-purpose use. I might even shoot some of it on my phone!

Starts at $650


So you need a photographer for an event you're hosting? Whether it's a black tie event or your band is playing a show at a local bar, I'm more than happy to capture the candid moments and finer details of your event! Over the last 10 years I have photographed hundreds of events, including over 100 weddings!

Starts at $250/hr


I have shot for many local real estate agents over the years! Currently FAA Certified, which means you can get some beautiful drone photos and footage of the home you're selling, as well as some simple, yet beautiful tour videos and photos of the entire home!

Starts at $300


The size of the event you're inquiring about will decide whether or not I can accommodate this alone or if I need to hire a team of my creator friends to help me on the project. If you want to be able to use the content we make from your event to promote your future events, this service gets you the most bang for your buck in the long run!

Starts at $1000


Don't see anything that fits exactly what you're looking for? That ok! Contact me below anyway and be as detailed as possible to describe the kind of work you need me to fulfill!


Don't be shy! Give me a detailed description of your ideas and vision in the space below! If this inquire is for an event, please include the name of the venue, start/end time, and some details about the event itself!

Thanks for submitting!

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